Nayils hold daily and weekly group activities and classes, which promotes learning as well as building skills to create a healthier lifestyle. At Nayils we also focus on employment opportunities and activities, while having promoting fun and social interaction with the community.

Sport and Fitness

All our group activities and classes are led by qualified fitness coordinators and support mentors. Our programs help to develop coordination, self-esteem, confidence and social skills. Our personal trainers can assist our members to achieve their personal fitness goals, while having fun through movement.

Our sports programs include:

Support to the Special Olympics
Fitness classes with a fully qualified Personal Trainer
Hip Hop Dance class
Martial Arts

Martial Arts

 Our Inclusive Martial Arts & Self defence classes are tailor-made to meet individual need and strengthen capacity. We encourage students to have the strength, confidence, self respect and courage to push through limitations. Classes offer an inclusive safe space to share and learn self defence

Daily Workshop Activities

Providing our members with the opportunity to express themselves, through different arts and crafts activities, while also learning new life skills. Items, which are made or restored, can also be sold to the public, in the near future we planning to initiate stalls at the local markets. 

Some of our group activities include:
Art classes
Cooking classes

Social Clubs and Holiday Programs

Nayils provides support to all our members and their families.  Our emphasis for our holiday and social groups is FUN, having fun socializing with our friends and family within the community in a fun, safe environment.

We have a wide range of day trips at local attractions and theme parks. We also offer weekend trips and holidays, which in the past have included, a boat cruise to the State of Origin.

Weekly we currently have Friday Night Bowling and Social Saturdays