About Us

What We Do

The services Nayils provide are designed to meet the individuals and their family’s needs. We encourage our members to engage with their friends, family and community, by offering fun filled interactive Programs and Activities, which include woodwork, cooking, sewing, art, sports, fitness, martial arts, and many more. Even though Nayils provides a structured based program, we are always looking for new and exciting actives, if there are any other activities your child may wish to do, we encourage families to come forward and let us know.

Who Are We

Nambour Adult Youth Independent Living Services is an established Sunshine Coast based business that has a variety of flexible programs and services. Nayils takes great pride in ourselves with our ability to provide the essential care and support in helping improve the lifestyle for individuals and their families living with a disability.

Our Mission

To create life enhancing opportunities for everyone to live, work and belong in an all-inclusive community. Empowering people with disabilities, to help increase their independence through social and employment opportunities.

Our Values

Our philosophy is simple and can be applied in all aspects of life.

“Live our Values”

Our values, are a compass and describes how we behave in the world.

Leadership – Passion – Benevolence – Integrity – Loyalty – Self-Control – Courage – Trust – Quality